On Arrival

  • To turn power on, go to end of corridor to last door on the left (bedroom 2) and go into large built in cupboard behind door. Above the top shelf is the electrical fuse box. Big Switch needs to be turned on and then you will have power for the home!
  • Fridge will need plugging in and turning on behind microwave in the kitchen.
  • It’s always worth opening a few windows to air the house.


Sharksfin Day to Day

  • Key for patio doors is either in them or to the left near the books.
  • Rubbish sacks go into bins in the village. We suggest you use small bags and dump them daily.There is a weekly collection of black rubbish sacks from the village square on Friday morning if you are there then, they can be put there from late Thursday night.
  • Hot water immersion heater goes on with switch inside boiler cupboard. Put it on as you need it. The shower is electric so does not need the immersion to be on. The shower power switch is just inside the bathroom above your head on the Right Hand Side.
  • Parking permit for the harbour is available from the Harbour Master’s Office on the Quay. Or on the first main village carpark as you go into the village. It is approximately £ 30-35 per week.
  • Good local church in Gorran Haven - Haven church off church street (PL26 6JH).
  • Local brochures and maps available in cabinet underneath TV.
  • Patio tables can be moved from inside front room onto balcony - chairs are around the back of the balcony in the outside storage box.
  • Water is metered, so please don’t waste it!
  • Wi Fi password in the back of the visitor book.
  • Washing machine master switch on wall to left of cooker.


On Departure

  • Check Hot water immersion switch in airing cupboard off.
  • Electricity main switch off in bedroom 2, check everything is off!
  • Leave fridge and freezer doors open (make sure it is empty and turned off at wall! )
  • Clean as best you can - please leave it as you find it with no rubbish or food left.
  • Windows all shut - curtains drawn in bedrooms.
  • No food left in cupboards.
  • Bins all empty.
  • Replace door key in the key box by the front door. Failure to do so will result in a fine of £100
  • Leave bedding folded tidily on beds.
  • Write in visitors book!
  • Bleach toilet and sinks.
  • All chairs round back in storage container.


CHURCH : There is a great church in the next village that we would also recommend. Haven Church (FIEC) is in Gorran Haven on church street; Postcode: PL26 6JH.

GROCERIES : The Asda in St. Austell is the largest supermarket in the area and should have all
your needs.

ATM : There is no ATM machine in the village, but if you need cash, the village general store can give cash back on your debit card.